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January 10 - All the best for 2010, for you and your friend !
April 08 - A video done using chinese shadow picture.
Mai 07 - A video for Mr Chirac president as he left on May 16.
January 07 - All the best for 2007 with a little video.
Oct. 06 - A new animation for  www.FrenchAnimation.com challenge. Smoking is not safe.
Sept. 06 - A new challenge on French Animation. -> Here
You have to produce  at least 15 sec of animation, using any technic (stopmotion, 2d, 3d, etc.) . Subject is the good résolution you've took after hollidays. You have until  october 10 for posting  your video link . Nothing to win , only pleasure to join the challenge.
June 06 - An short animation for 2 studants in video
- A new clay animation on "Incorrect politic"
- English version of the site (sorry for my poor english)
Mai 06 - Tutorial en PDF  for s Fast Movie Processor (see Tutorial)
- Mailing list function added.
Avril 06 -  20 secondes animation using ink  liquide
- Flash animation "Difficile réveil"
Mars 06 - Flash animation for the 5 birthday of "fous d'anim forum"
Février 06

- Save the planet challenge manage by me for  www.frenchanimation.com  
- "Le temps qui passe " a try in 2d drawing